Every year, Eastbourne Bonfire Society carefully selects a charity to support.  This could be a group that has somehow made an impact upon us personally or it may be a worthy cause that is in need of urgent help.  Our collections throughout that year of support help make a difference within our community.  We urge you to please give generously when you see our bucket collectors at an event or our collection tins in the local shops.  But you can always make a personal donation by clicking the links below.  Thank you.

You Raise Me Up

The ‘You raise me up charity’ was founded by Fraser and Jane Brooks in June 2011 following the sudden loss of their daughter Megan. The charity’s sole purpose is to raise funds to support families that have suffered the loss of an adult child between the age of 16 and 25 and to be able to provide compassion, support and simply to be able to say “we totally understand” rather than “we cannot imagine what you are going through! 



Rainbow Bridge Equine Rescue

We are a small rescue based in Wilmington East Sussex. We are a registered small charity we have and continue to work along side some of the biggest animal welfare organisations in the UK

RBER take in horses and ponies from many different situations some unwanted, neglected saved from slaughter, from markets and those that are suffering from illness or often long term injuries. When all hope is lost and everyone else appears to have given up we will have the faith to look for that hope, to find it again and to work relentlessly with these horses and ponies.