Every year, Eastbourne Bonfire Society carefully selects a charity or good cause to support.  This could be a group that has somehow made an impact upon us personally or it may be a worthy cause that is in need of urgent help.  Our collections throughout that year of support help make a difference within our community.  We urge you to please give generously when you see our bucket collectors at an event or our collection tins in the local shops.  But you can always make a personal donation by clicking the links below.  Thank you.

Give Tate A Hand

Tate who is one of six siblings was born in November 2006 without part of her left arm. We haven’t ever been given a conclusive medical reason for this. However, her Mum Jools contracted viral meningitis while pregnant and her waters broke 8 weeks early without any contractions starting which lead her consultant to leave Tate in utero for a further 6 weeks until Tate arrived by emergency C-section. There has been views that amniotic bands were the most likely cause of the amputation of Tate’s arm whilst in utero as there were no anomalies present at the 20 week scan. Tate has her heart set on a Stars Wars style bionic hand

which works on the arm pulses; Tate has already been tested as an ideal candidate for this. The hand will improve Tate’s quality of life with many day to day activities we take for granted. However due to the high price of prosthesis this is only a dream for her at the moment, we are now trying to fund raise as much money as possible to “Give Tate a Hand”. Over the last few years Tate has become very insular and withdrawn and increasingly has demonstrated a lack of self confidence and self esteem we fear she is bordering on depression. It seems her only escape from these feelings has been through her love of sport.

Tate has discovered she has quite a good ability for playing football and has recently been signed for the Brighton Disability Squad whom she plays for regularly. Its somewhere where she can be herself without having to worry about any discrimination due to her disability. It has even been mentioned about the possibility of Tate playing for England one day! For Tate to be able to continue to flourish she needs to be in a safe environment – to learn and to prepare herself for the future as an adult. Tate excels at sport and would benefit from a school that will specialise in this and where Tate can kept safe from the relentless bullying that mainstream school has sadly failed to protect her from. An independent school will give her the support she needs.
Give Tate A Hand


Happy Paws Puppy Rescue

The charity was set up with the sole purpose of rescuing as many dogs as we possibly can from the devastating situations, through no fault of their own, that they find themselves in.

Many of our dogs come from pounds and kill shelters from across Europe.

As a charity we work with other rescue organisations who we trust and respect and mainly rescue Golden Retrievers, Labradors and some other breeds who we can successfully re home within a family environment.

We have a very strict policy on behaviour testing and health screening. We ensure to the best of our knowledge our dogs are healthy and well behaved.

The charity is totally committed to give each and every dog who crosses our path the very best we can offer from vet care, to fostering, most comfortable travel arrangements and the best of all the right family who will care, support and love them for the rest of their lives.

With the help of an incredible team I am very proud to say that the charity is going from strength to strength and is responsible for saving approximately 300 dogs per year. This is only possible by the support we receive on a daily basis. This support is shown in many different ways. My team give their time, advice and knowledge on a daily basis. I have volunteer drivers who help with the transport and many kind people support us financially – the charity is incredibly lucky to have such wonderful support but is always looking for more people to get involved.

If you could help by getting involved in any way we would love to hear from you.

With all the ups and downs, twists and turns good days and bad we always maintain our focus on the dogs and their welfare as this is our main priority now and always.

Rescue is our passion and as long as we receive the wonderful support we will continue to rescue many more lucky dogs now and in the future.

Our mission statement is:-

We will never leave you
You are safe
You will never fear again
You are loved
I promise I will find you the perfect family who will treat you like one of their own for ever

Happy Paws